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Medical Malpractice Suits

Medical malpractice suits are brought when patients are hurt or killed as a result of medical negligence.  Negligence means a medical provider or hospital acted below the standard of care.  Not that they acted intentionally to hurt the patient.  For instance, a doctor that punctures an organ in surgery and fails to properly follow up with the patient, such that the patient become infected and dies, is negligence.

Curtis and Lucero investigate all potential medical malpractice cases with the help of an in-house registered nurse and licensed physician.   If our investigation shows there has been malpractice committed causing serious harm or death a claim or complaint is filed to hold the wrongdoer accountable to their patient.  At Curtis and Lucero we believe it is important to give all negligent providers the opportunity to voluntarily be responsible to their patients and compensate them for the harm wrongfully caused.  The responsible health care providers want to be accountable to their patients and instruct their malpractice carriers to compensate or "settle" the case of their harmed patient, or the family of a patient that has wrongfully died.  When negligent health care providers refuse to be responsible to their patients, a lawsuit is filed under our system of civil justice to require that wrongdoer face responsibility for the harm they caused.  Cases can settle at any point in the litigation.  Unfortunately, not all people in the medical business will be responsible and sometimes a trial of their peers is necessary to hold a wrongdoer accountable to their patient.  Curtis and Lucero are experienced trial lawyers if a trial is the route necessary to find justice for our clients.

The time available for the filing of a lawsuit is very complicated in New Mexico there can be notice requirements, 2 year or 3 year statute of limitations, depending on who the medical provider is.  If the person harmed is a child the statute of limitations is longer.  In some cases an application to a panel may need to be provided before suit can be filed.  A lawyer must be involved in calculating the statute of limitations in a medical malpractice case.  It is important to contact Curtis and Lucero as close in time to the injury or death, as is possible so evidence that can be altered or destroyed can be preserved.  Understandably, sometimes that is not possible, and the family or the patient needs time to heal or deal with the pain of loss before they can even consider finding out what happened. Curtis and Lucero have become virtual experts at detecting altered records and being able to find the truth regardless of cover-ups or efforts by the wrongdoer to destroy evidence.

Most medical malpractice clients have had a terrible feeling something went tragically wrong.   Getting a copy of the medical records is the first step to investigating what happened and finding the truth.  Curtis and Lucero win their cases because they care about the truth of what happened.  They investigate all cases thoroughly before they accept representation of any client because they only take valid malpractice cases.  Frivolous lawsuits hurt everyone.  It is important for the patient or their family to know the truth whether malpractice occurred or not.  If the case is malpractice, Curtis and Lucero has a dedicated group of professionals that have been working together for many years to find justice for their clients.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured or wrongfully died because of malpractice, please call our office at 505-243-2808 or email

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